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st.germain photography and film is a louisiana based wedding videography and portrait photography company. our wedding videography is a cinematic recollection of your big day and our portrait photography encapsulates the candid expressions that make you who you are.

as for who's behind the lens... hey there! i'm your photographer and videographer, shelby st.germain nunnery. think of me as your friend and hype woman first and creative capturer second. not too long ago i found myself flipping through photos and all i could remember was how i wish i would have leaned this way or turned my head that way - posing will do that to ya, friends.


photos and videos are supposed to take us back to the time they were captured. they're supposed to make us grin at the goofy things that took place and get butterflies all over again when the memories are just too good.  we shouldn't review our memories and think about the way we were sitting or the angle we were standing - so we're not going to take our pictures that way. we're going to walk and laugh, and twist and spin for candid memories - real memories. 

i can't wait to meet you! 


st.germain photography & film would love to capture your most important memories.  

for some couples twelve hours of wedding day footage is enough; for others, that barely scratches the surface. some want to capture the rehearsal dinner, others don't. some seniors want traditional photos - others want a destination shoot with video.


for those reasons alone, i want our time together to be specific to what you need; what you're envisioning. if you're not quite sure what that is, you've found yourself in the right spot.

as your photographer and videographer it's my job to help bring your vision to life. i want to capture your photos and video in a way that's inspirational to you... that comes with conversation and a mutual understanding of vision.

scroll on over to the contact page and submit a form or reach out via email or text and we'll discuss what you're hoping to convey in your photos or video. don't be concerned by this laissez faire approach - it allows for creative freedom and self expression which is represented beautifully by the finished product. 



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